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Why are some employees more active on your internal communication platform than others? And why do they sometimes feel unheard? Find out how to answer these questions and optimize your internal communications. In this blog you will learn how you can use interactive conversations and analytics to improve the effectiveness of your communication strategy, strengthening your team's motivation and engagement. Ready to elevate your internal communications to the next level?

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Ask your employees
You already know how many employees regularly log into your internal communications platform and how many regularly contribute with posts. But do you know why that is? What do your employees think about the quality of your internal communications? Why don't they log in more often? Does the way and frequency with which you post actually fit their needs? To answer these questions (and many more), there is now the Plek Internal Communication Evaluator.

Interactive method
The Plek Internal Communication Evaluator gathers feedback from everyone through an innovative approach. It initiates individual interactive digital conversations instead of relying on one-size-fits-all surveys. These conversations are personalized for each employee, uncovering their true needs and preferences. Intelligent algorithms and comprehensive data analysis ensure clear and objective insights are obtained.

Personal conversations about what matters
Through the results of all these personal conversations, you discover which elements of your internal communication really matter. For example, employees can give their opinions about the way you communicate, the effort they have to put in, the content of the communication, you name it.

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Fact-based employee personas: our smart algorithms summarize all results into  'Persona's'. A Persona shows at a glance which types of employees have which needs. Not only does this increase your insight into the composition of your population, at the organizational and departmental level. You can also implement customized improvements that seamlessly match the needs of different teams. This leads to your internal communication being more effective and relevant.

Easy to use
Getting started with the Plek Internal Communication Evaluator is very easy. We have already set up a sample conversation in your Plek online environment. You can start that conversation right away, but you can also adapt it to your own needs and add your own conversation topics.

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Your employees can complete the evaluation on both mobile and desktop. And we are here to help you interpret and understand your results and implement improvement actions.

Repeat your evaluation regularly
You can conduct evaluations as frequent as you wish. This allows you to engage in intelligent follow-up conversations and assess the impact of implemented improvements. Regularly evaluating your internal communication enhances it interactively, ensuring it aligns better with your employees' true needs. This, in turn, boosts motivation and commitment among your teams.

Curious about the possibilities? One of our consultants will be happy to tell you about what Plek can do for your organization.

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