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Successfully reboarding your employees: five tips

Help your employees to feel welcome at the office again. We give you 5 tips for a successful reboarding.

Number one: Involve everybody

Start by posting weekly updates on what's going on within the company concerning corona or reboarding of work. Even if there is little to report, you should keep doing this. Research by Adformatie shows that almost a third of employees start worrying about their organization if there are no company updates. “No news is good news" does not apply in this case.

Number two: Let employees contribute

Different departments with different employees all have different information needs. Using a collaboration tool to monitor this can help. We ourselves use an idea generator, which helps us all to brainstorm and gather innovative ideas online. Employees can each contribute and help find a solution that is also widely supported within the organisation.

Number three: Manage expectations

If corona taught us one thing, it's that it is very difficult to plan ahead. You can't just change in one day, as an organization you are also dependent on specific rules of the government and possibly also demands from other parties. Clearly indicate this to your employees, this will prevent surprises.

Number four: Listen to your employees

You can also choose to let your employees propose solutions themselves. Within Plek you can create a special group in which everyone can ask their questions so that you can quickly and easily respond. Make sure to bring these questions together in a FAQ file that is daily updated. This way, you can control and manage staff expectations.

Number five: act fast!

In times of crisis, it is all about acting quickly. We believe that you should continuously guide employees in this. Curious how you can approach this? Read more about onboarding.

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