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Online onboarding during corona, how to get started?

Our new online marketeer Aron van Diepen has just completed his first week at Plek. Starting a new job, now that we are all obliged to work from home, can feel pretty crazy. We asked Aron about his experience.

How did you experience your first work week at Plek?

I thought it would be quite difficult to start a new job from home. However, it was not so bad because I immediately got access to the Plek platform, which is very social and user-friendly. I was able to log in immediately and the group chat contained all kinds of nice welcome messages from my new colleagues. I also liked that all company information is accessible on Plek.

How does it feel to onboard online?

The physical interaction is of course not like before the crisis, but fortunately Plek handles this very well. In my first week, I had introductory meetings with my all my new colleagues. This gave me a better idea of what everyone was doing. In addition, I found it very useful to immediately participate in the various online groups on Plek. That way I quickly got to know the different teams and departments. I didn't have to worry about missing anything and in terms of communication I got immediately involved.

What is the biggest advantage of working at Plek?

I would say the social character of Plek as a platform and organization. I really do have the feeling that everyone is more involved because everyone is up-to-date on each other's work, but also in private life. In my opinion, this is because it is very easy to view and comment on other people's work. I also find it very easy to get in touch with colleagues via chat. And finally, of course, I really like the fact that I don't have a full mailbox with all kinds of unimportant e-mails.

What surprised you the most?

Online onboarding is not necessarily slower than in real life. I think it is nice to experience that Plek is not only a platform, but really a philosophy for people and organizations. It is a new way of working that brings positive energy. In my view, this is because there is a very open corporate culture. Many interesting articles, updates and webinars are shared and it is very easy to provide feedback on new ideas. In your own team, but also in a team from another department. That certainly contributes to happiness at work, which we work on a lot at Plek.

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