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How do you keep your employees engaged in times of corona?

Especially in these uncertain times, employees look to their manager when they are concerned about something. If you don't address these concerns, chances are satisfaction, commitment and enthusiasm will decline.
Research conducted by Integron shows that both employee satisfaction and engagement have risen slightly in recent years, but that enthusiasm is not increasing along. Only a quarter of the Dutch working population would recommend their own employer to others, 29% would even recommend their employer to a weak degree, or not at all. Due to recent events, many companies are focusing on the short term and on the well-being of staff, while the long term should not be forgotten either.


Employee satisfaction and loyalty have thus increased slightly in recent years, but this increase is also stagnating. It is notable that for many companies and organizations, employee satisfaction is an important issue, but despite this, growth is not increasing much. The results of the Integron survey show that 26% are proud to work for their organization and that the same 26% also feel involved. But on the other hand, only 15% of the employees feel that they are doing their best and are able to get the best out of themselves. This is remarkable, and this is precisely where there is still many opportunities for improvement for organisations.

Here's how to keep employees on board

The solution is a little less obvious than you might expect. It is not about more salary or pingpong tables in the office, but about a good working atmosphere, more work content and appreciation. In this way you retain current employees; they tend to have more emotional attachment to a company if they get along well with colleagues. The same goes for work content, if it is interesting and challenging then employees will stay on board. Above all, the lack of challenge is the most important reason for half of working people in the Netherlands to switch

The difficult times in which many companies and people now find themselves require adjustments from everyone. The main focus is on employee health, but the initial uncertainty is now behind us and everyone seems to be getting used to the new situation. Therefore, this is the ideal time to look ahead and continue to build employee satisfaction. Especially now, employees look to companies for help and reassurance. 

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