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Guest blog by Guus Vreeswijk: Plek for the oral care industry

My name is Guus Vreeswijk and I have been active as an entrepreneur in the oral care industry for several years. My father and brother also work in this sector. So this means I am well aware of the problems and opportunities present in this sector. For example, the sector is not particularly progressive in terms of technology. Logically, most small businesses have something else on their minds. But the sector does seem to be gaining momentum now, partly due to economies of scale and the merging of businesses. Time to catch up!
Internal communication poses a challenge for businesses in the oral care industry, especially for businesses with multiple locations. Knowledge and information quickly disappeares under the many emails that go back and forth on a daily basis. And because many oral care professionals simply don't work at a computer, many practices use WhatsApp groups for quick coordination. But this does not feel safe, especially now that we know that WhatsApp does not comply with the new European privacy legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation. Moreover, many colleagues don't like the fact that on WhatsApp private and work get very mixed up.
In the absence of a good communication platform, I saw an opportunity. I started looking for a partner to build a suitable solution. I ended up at Plek and what turned out: their existing platform perfectly matched our needs with a few minor adjustments! Thus was born Dental Plek: a variant of Plek, especially for the dental world.

"Dental Plek came exactly at the right time: a social intranet and extranet, documentation system and task system in one. Ideal! Email and WhatsApp are no longer a means of communication within our business."
-  Krystle Bijman, Fresh Tandartsen

Dental Plek improves internal knowledge sharing and communication. In addition to the basic functions such as groups and profiles, it offers a document module that, among other things, makes protocols and files easy to find. Documents can thus be securely shared and viewed, even on mobile. At my request, a task module was also added to Dental Plek, which makes it easy to assign tasks to colleagues or groups of colleagues.

We are targeting the entire dental sector with Dental Plek, from practices of all sizes to suppliers and wholesalers. And because on Dental Plek you also collaborate safely and easily with external parties, in this way we offer the entire chain an instant way to find each other.

Dental Plek is being received very enthusiastically. The first customers have been live since last month and many practices are currently testing Dental Plek. To be continued!

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