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Employee Satisfaction Survey


Inquire, listen and follow up
You probably already check in with your employees about various aspects of their work, like their overall job satisfaction, their relationship with their manager, their salary, and how well they know their colleagues. And you probably get reports on their responses.

But do you understand why they answer the way they do? Do you know which follow-up actions are most effective for different groups of employees? And do you follow up with each employee to see if those actions have made a difference? For answers to these questions and more, there's the Plek ESS (Employee Satisfaction Survey).

Do you want to learn more about what an ESS entails, and why we think it's crucial to an organization's success? Read our thoughts in this blog about ESS.

Engaged communication
With the Plek ESS, you gather feedback from everyone in a fresh, innovative way. Instead of a traditional one-size-fits-all survey, it initiates individual, interactive digital conversations tailored to each employee. These personal interactions are followed up with one-on-one discussions based on the data from previous conversations. This approach helps you truly understand what employees need and want. Thanks to intelligent algorithms and thorough data analysis, you receive clear and objective insights.

Talk about what matters
The Plek ESS addresses the unique needs, expectations, and perspectives of each employee. It engages them on specific themes to uncover what’s really happening. This generates a rich dataset with meaningful outcomes. You control the conversation topics. We offer a ready-to-use ESS sample, but you can also add your own questions and actions.

Fact-based employee personas
Our smart algorithms group the results into clusters of employees with similar needs, expectations, and insights. Each cluster is translated into a representative profile: the employee persona. These personas give you a clear picture of the people behind the data. Using these personas and specific team data, we are now able to create detailed agendas with priorities that drive progress. Quick and practical - in this way you can start making improvements right away.

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Easy to use, safe, and anonymous
Starting with the Plek ESS is very simple. Choose the ESS conversation from the library and launch it. You can, of course, customize the ESS conversation to your own needs. Employees can complete the evaluation on both their mobile and desktop. We ensure that information from the Plek ESS is never traceable to individuals. We are here to help you interpret and understand your results and implement improvement actions.

Insights based on your demographics
Your dashboard provides insights into the distribution of personas across your demographic composition (teams/roles/regions). This way, you can immediately see at a detailed level what is going well, and what the main priorities for improvement are. The Plek ESS precisely aligns with your employees' needs, boosting their motivation and engagement.

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