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Intranet Conference 2019

You might have seen a few pictures of our eye-catching stand. With two rappers, a few scaffolds and building company TBI-Infra we can definitely say that we stood out from the rest during this year’s conference. But for those of you who missed it, we have made an overview of the three most important topics discussed during this day. Read along and find out what is happening in the Intranet world.

Social and digital

In the speech of this year’s conference, James Robertson, intranet consultant at Step Two Designs, explained how the internal communication platforms are undergoing a change. The transition of traditional intranet into Digital Workplace is not a new one, but Robertson goes one step further and mentions a new trend, which he calls: “Digital Employee Experience" (DEX).

Similar to Customer Experience, a well-known marketing term, DEX focuses on digital interactions between employees and their organizations. This starts with onboarding, but a good DEX can also help to improve employee engagement.

Where is the pause button?

The intranet will become more social and dynamic. Besides user-friendly platforms, employees find it increasingly important that they will see news that is relevant for them. As a result, we see more personalized dashboards in which users can decide for themselves if and how they want to receive their news. Different devices such as mobile apps and ipads, help to connect employees real time and outside the office. A great example of this trend is the Plek Employee App and the holiday snooze. Don’t we all want to go off-the-grid for a while? A pause button can be pretty helpful!

Generous givers, takers and matchers

Last but not least: we also received some personal tips from management guru Ben Tiggelaar which we don't want to withhold from you. Ben taught us how you make yourself indispensable as intranet professional and asked questions such as: How do you get straight to the management board? How do you establish engagement and most important: how do you make sure you get what you want? This last sentence has everything to do with which type of person you are. A generous giver, a taker or a matcher? The answer? Only you know!

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