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Client event Plek: in collaboration with Frisse Blikken and MixitClient

Plek's Client Event that took place on Thursday, December 8, 2022 at de Bazel in Amsterdam was a great success. During this not-to-be-missed day jam-packed with knowledge, all visitors could gain inspiration around the theme "How IC & HR together can increase the digital employee experience.

After all attendees officially registered and received Plek goodie bags, the day was introduced by keynote speaker and Digital Employee Experience Expert Christiaan W. Lustig. Christiaan explained, among other things, that the digital employee experience consists of the sum of all digital interactions in a work environment. He emphasized that the basic needs and expectations of employees are leading. With his argument, we could not have wished for a better introduction to the theme of the day.

Christiaan helps organizations design and optimize their intranet and digital workplace. And thus continuously improve their digital employee experience (#DEX). He is the co-author of the book 'digital employee experience' and his mission is to make (digital) work better, easier and more fun. To improve the digital work environment and the digital employee experience (#DEX). Thereby, to turn a digital workplace into a more human workplace.

Workshop 1

In collaboration with our partners - Frisse Blikken and Mixit - we  put the employee at the center, which in this day and age is a prerequisite for success as an organisation. In Frisse Blikken's workshop, People Lead & Project Manager Britt Driessen revealed the do's and don'ts of pre- and onboarding for retaining new (and current) talent. A major challenge for organisations, due to the growing tightness in the job market and the change in employee needs.

This challenge starts right at the gate: at the signing of the contract. What you promise outside must be delivered inside. In every step of the employee journey. Pre- and onboarding play an important role in this. Which is quite obvious, because employees form an opinion about their work and your organisation in a relatively short time, and decide whether they want to commit themselves for a longer period of time.

Workshop 2

During the second workshop of Frisse Blikken, Team Leader People Erwin Reijnaerts elaborated on the agility of Learning Organizations. Because the constantly changing world demands continuous adaptability - from your company ánd your employees. The learning organization helps your company to be agile by focusing on the development capacity of employees, teams and the organization itself.

The attendees found out what exactly a learning organization is, and discussed a safe learning climate, the exemplary role of leadership and the role of the employee. After which they got to work on the theme and gained insight into how "learning" the company they work for is at this moment.

Workshop 3

The third workshop was provided by Rotterdam-based Mixit, a mix of young and old with all the same drive: making the digital lives of professionals easier and more fun. During this workshop, Digital Workspace Consultant Jennifer Bijkerk of Mixit dived deeper into the topic: how do you make the success of your intranet measurable? In this day and age a very relevant topic with more and more hybrid working organisations, where there is a lot of communication via platforms such as a social intranet.

But when will we know if this communication is actually coming to fruition? Jennifer gave practical tools to make this actionable and took the participants through how to make it useful. People learned more about objectives of a communication platform and how to successfully implement it in the long term. You were also challenged on how to retrieve data for your intranet.

See you next year!
Plek's Customer Event ended with a network reception that gave the visitors and the people of Plek the opportunity to get to know each other further,  and inspire each other about what the future can bring in terms of digital employee experience. We will keep a close eye on the developments and are already looking forward to the next edition of this - as far as Plek is concerned - successful customer event. See you next year!

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