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Five advantages of a social intranet


A social intranet connects people across the boundaries of teams, departments and organizations. Because a social intranet provides access to each other, to news, information and knowledge, and to that intangible but important piece of organizational culture. All this ensures better collaboration, mutual connection and more knowledge sharing. And thus ultimately for happy employees, in an organization that is ready for the future. But what does the average employee gain from a social intranet? No abstract terms like "connection" and "culture" for a moment. Just, five big benefits in a nutshell. Here's how a social intranet makes your workday more fun, easier and more effective.

1. Een joy to work with. A good social intranet is a pleasure to work with in terms of the experience the platform provides: everything is understandable and friendly, and feels familiar quickly. But what is especially important is that such a platform can also make your workday a lot more enjoyable. For example, you can find groups for your location, department and projects. But there are also interest groups, ranging from work-related topics such as innovation or privacy laws, to topics that are purely for fun, such as a group for foodies, bookworms or film lovers. In addition, of course, you maintain an interesting chat conversation with your favorite colleagues that bursts together with emojis, gifs and jokes about the boss. And then there's the calendar with birthdays, staff outings and Friday afternoon drinks!

It is precisely this combination of different types of content that makes a social intranet strong: you can go there for everything. And you never know what interesting colleagues or projects you happen to come across this way!

2. Less email. That huge amount of emails you receive daily is probably one of your biggest annoyances at work. Especially when it involves endless group conversations with literally everyone in the CC. A social intranet reduces the need to email, and encourages collaboration and sharing of needed knowledge and updates in one central place. An additional benefit is that even new colleagues can easily find previously shared information on the platform.

3. Personal and relevant, so no overload. Company news, project updates, work instructions, events, it's all easy to find on a social intranet. You're always up to date. And the best part is: you only see what you want to see. Via the onboarding module on your first visit to the platform, you choose relevant groups yourself - and after that, you can always join other groups or create one yourself. Through this group structure, only content relevant to you appears on your platform. What's more, you can decide how to access this information: you choose how and where it is displayed on your homepage on the platform. You also decide how and what kind of notifications you want to receive.

With a social intranet you are always up to date. And the best part is: you only see what you want to see.

4.  Everyone nearby. In addition to content, your colleagues are also close via a social intranet for coordination on a project, advice or a question. You can easily find other colleagues you need outside your own network, for example by name, department, position or expertise. Once you have found the right person, you can start a chat from their profile page in no time.

5. Convenience, wherever you are. You always have access to the conveniences of your social intranet. Whether in the office or on the road, at a client's office or just at home. And it doesn't matter which device you use: computer, tablet or mobile. A question is asked and answered in no time, an update is posted in no time. This gives you the flexibility to work wherever, whenever and however you want.

In short: your working day starts and ends on the social intranet, because that's where you find everything (including links to other systems you need). It's where you go to check-in with colleagues via groups or chat. It's where you find out at a glance what's going on at work. It's the place that helps you do your job better, faster, easier - including with colleagues and even external parties. No matter what device you use or where you are. That's how fun a workday can be!

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