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46% of your colleagues don't want to WhatsApp for work at all

Be honest: Are people within your organisation using WhatsApp about work? And, is that allowed by your information security colleagues? Do you have a policy for it? Is it desirable from a communication standpoint? Most likely your answers are: once 'yes' and three times 'no'. But why is WhatsApp inappropriate for business communications? And more importantly, how do you stop your colleagues from using it?

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) opened the eyes of many. There are too many risks associated with the use of WhatsApp, and if data leaks you as an organization will be held responsible for it. Currently, therefore, a lot of organisations are making a major switch: by getting rid of WhatsApp.

Management wants a solution that breaks silos, the information security people want a secure and AVG-compliant tool, and the communications department just wants everyone on one platform. And really, a lot of your other colleagues don't want to use WhatsApp for work at all either. According to recent research by Tele2 among 1,500 employers and employees, three-quarters of working Dutch people are in a work-related WhatsApp group, and 46% would prefer to leave it immediately.

But in the meantime, the majority of employees continue to chat via Whatsapp. Want to know everything about why WhatsApp is unsuitable for business communication, and how to get your colleagues to stop using it? Read our Frankwatching article here (DUTCH).

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