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ESS - what does it mean?

    ESS - what does it do and what is the definition about?

    At Plek, we understand all too well that employee engagement is crucial to an organization's success. An effective way to measure and increase engagement is through an employee satisfaction survey, or ESS.

    What is an ESS?

    The abbreviation ESS means "Employee Satisfaction Survey". It is a tool that organizations use to understand the satisfaction, commitment and needs of their employees. Traditionally, ESS were conducted through surveys, which required employees to answer questions about various aspects of their work and work environment. These surveys were often standardised and gave an overall picture of satisfaction within the organisation.

    The limitations of traditional surveys

    While traditional surveys can provide valuable information, they have some limitations. First, they are often general and do not provide detailed insight into employees' individual needs and expectations. In addition, surveys are often conducted annually, making it difficult to respond to changing conditions and new challenges.

    A new approach with Plek

    At Plek, we believe employees are best heard through smart conversations at scale. We want to go beyond standard surveys and enable organisations to communicate with their employees on a deeper level. Using our innovative tools and algorithms, organisations can have individualised and in-depth conversations that go beyond the surface level and evolve over time.

    Really listening to employees

    Measuring employee satisfaction is not just about asking "How do you think this is going?" It's about understanding employee needs and expectations. A continuous ESS? With Plek, organizations can have smart conversations at scale where employees feel heard and have the opportunity to share their real needs and expectations. This goes far beyond general surveys and provides valuable insights into what's on employees' minds.

    Building on previous conversations

    At Plek, we encourage organisations to build on previous conversations. Instead of a one-time annual survey, Plek allows organizations to dig deeper into specific subtopics several times a year. This allows them to have an ongoing conversation with their employees, similar to a real conversation. By tracking progress and building on previous conversations, organisations can better respond to change and increase employee engagement.

    Fact-based insights down to team level

    One of the valuable aspects of using Plek for ESS is getting fact-based insights. Instead of just presenting graphs and pie charts, all interview data is clustered into employee personas. This provides deeper insight into the different mindsets within the organisation and how they spread across departments, locations and teams. By gaining insight at the team level, managers and team leaders can take tailored actions to increase engagement and address challenges.

    Activating managers and teams

    Engagement starts with managers and team leaders. With Plek, they can be supported on the important issues and goals at play within their teams. They gain insight and direct access to a supporting knowledge base, enabling them to communicate and act more effectively. By actively engaging managers and team leaders and giving them the tools to increase engagement, the entire organisation can benefit from a positive and productive work environment.

    Getting started quickly and safely with Plek

    We understand that time and security are important aspects when implementing an ESS tool. With Plek ESS, organisations can get started quick, safe and secure. Our customisable template covers all aspects of employee satisfaction, with categories such as well-being, organisation, colleagues and work. This ensures that every employee can identify with the interviews and that engagement is increased.

    Safety first

    At Plek, we understand that trust and security are essential when conducting confidential conversations. That's why we ensure that information from employee satisfaction conversations can never be traced back to individuals. Our platform and app are ISO certified and meet the highest security standards. Learn more about our security measures at Plek Security.

    Expand the conversation

    An "ESS" does not have to be just about employee satisfaction. It can serve as a starting point for broader conversations within the organisation. At Plek, we have templates available for different topics, such as the organisation's new strategy or new ways of working. These templates can be used directly to measure employee engagement or serve as the basis for customized conversations. Our experienced consultants are ready to help organisations set up these conversations and interpret the results.


    ESS is a valuable tool for organisations to understand their employees' needs, expectations and engagement. With Plek, we go beyond standard surveys and offer smart conversations at scale. This allows organisations to truly listen to their employees, build on previous conversations and gain fact-based insights down to the team level. Managers and team leaders are activated to increase engagement and address challenges. With Plek, organizations can get started quickly and securely, and conversations can be extended to other relevant topics. 

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