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🎯 5 Signs that indicate you need an employee app

Employee apps are increasingly becoming the key to improving company engagement and collaboration. Especially in today's rapidly changing world, this goes beyond effective internal communication. In this blog, we share 5 signs that indicate you need an employee app to take your organisation to the next level.

1. Outdated communication channels

Using outdated communication channels such as email, intranet, and physical memos can lead to inefficient communication and a lack of employee engagement. This is especially true for young employees who have grown up in the world of social media and mobile devices. An employee app provides faster, simpler, and more direct communication, keeping team members informed and more engaged in their work.

Lack of transparency

A common problem within organisations is a lack of transparency. This can lead to misunderstandings and diminished trust between employees and especially between employees and management. With an employee app, all company levels can easily communicate and share information, creating a transparent work environment that will lead to greater engagement and productivity.

Difficult collaboration between teams

When collaboration between teams (inter-team collaboration) is difficult, organisational processes can become sluggish, resulting in poor collaboration and lower knowledge sharing. This can lead to delays, mistakes, and frustrations. An employee app provides integrated collaboration tools between teams, such as document sharing, one-on-one and group chat, and task assignments across teams. This allows teams to collaborate more efficiently and solve problems more quickl

Managing multiple generations of employees

Organisations today consist of employees from different generations, each with their own preferences and communication styles. A flexible and adaptable employee app makes it possible to meet the unique needs of each individual, leading to better communication and higher satisfaction among all employees.

High employee turnover

High employee turnover can indicate problems with engagement and communication within your organisation. An employee app helps keep employees more engaged and informed, making them feel more valued and more likely to stay with the company. The latest generation of employee apps, such as Plek, offers integrated modules for employee pre- and onboarding and for continuously measuring engagement.

Choosing the right employee app

When choosing the right employee app for your organisation, it is important to consider the specific needs of your business and employees. Make sure the app has the following functionalities:

Ease of use: The app should be intuitive and user-friendly, so employees can easily use it and quickly experience its benefits.

Security and privacy: It is crucial to ensure that the chosen employee app meets the highest security standards and that the privacy of your employees is protected.

Integrations: Choose an app that can integrate easily with your organisation's existing systems and tools.

Scalability: Make sure the app is scalable and can grow with your organisation as it develops and expands.

Employee Experience: A good employee app offers more than just internal communication. Choose an app that can properly pre-onboarding new employees and periodically collects feedback. This saves costs for extra apps and, more importantly, improves the employee experience.

The benefits of an employee app in the long term

Implementing an employee app can provide significant long-term benefits for your organisation. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increased productivity: By streamlining communication and facilitating collaboration, employees can work more efficiently and focus on their core tasks.
  • Better decision-making: With transparent communication, employees can make better-informed decisions that align with the goals and values of the organisation.
  • Satisfied and engaged employees: Employees who feel heard, valued, and informed are more likely to be engaged in their work and make a positive contribution to the company.
  • Lower turnover rates: By creating a positive work environment and improving communication, organisations can reduce turnover rates and save costs associated with recruiting and training new employees.

In summary, implementing an employee app is an investment worth considering for any organisation looking to improve internal communication and better support its employees. Remember to consider the specific needs of your organisation when choosing the right app and regularly evaluate its impact on communication and employee satisfaction.



When your organisation is experiencing these 5 signs, it's time to consider implementing an employee app. Using an app can streamline internal communication, improve collaboration, increase transparency, and enhance employee satisfaction. As a result, your organisation will perform better and promote a more positive work culture.

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