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Ask, listen and ask some more
You regularly ask your employees what they think about something. Questions about their job satisfaction, their well-being, whether they know the safety rules; you name it. And also, you get regular reports on the answers.

But do you really know why your employees give these answers? And do you know the best follow-up actions to initiate for every group of employees? To get answers to those questions, enter Plek Smart Conversations.

Interactive Approach
With Plek Smart Conversations, you get feedback from everyone in an innovative way. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all traditional survey, it will help you to initiate an individual interactive digital conversation - which is personalized for each employee. In this way it is easier for you to make long lasting changes in the organization, as it gives you an opportunity to have individual follow-up conversations based on the data from a previous conversation. Thereby getting to the core of what employees really need and want in a personalized way. This will lead to gaining clear and objective insights, thanks to intelligent algorithms and thorough data analysis.

Personal conversations about what matters
Plek Smart Conversations caters to the individual needs, expectations and views of each employee. This means: engaging your colleagues on a specific topic and find out what really matters. This results in a large data set with many different values.

You decide which topics you want to talk about. This can be done by either using examples from our content library, or add your own conversations.

Fact-based employee personas
Our smart algorithms summarize all results into clusters of employees with similar needs, expectations and insights. Each cluster is then translated into a representative profile: the employee persona. Each persona provides a curated picture of the person behind the data. Based on the personas and the specific data in each team, agendas are then created (down to the team level) with priorities that have the most impact on progress. Fast and concrete.

Smart fact based insights (3)

Easy to use
Getting started with Plek Smart Conversations is very easy. Choose an example from our content library (including employee engagement, effective communication, strategy activation, change management via ADKAR) or add your own conversation. Employees can complete the evaluation on both mobile and desktop. And we are happy to help you interpret your results, and help you implement the right improvement actions according to the data.

Insight based on your demographics. Your dashboard provides insight into the distribution of personas across your demographics (teams/roles/regions). You can thus see, directly down to the team/role/region level, what is going well and what the key priorities for improvement are. Plek Smart Conversations connects in detail with what your employees really need. And that, in turn, increases the motivation and commitment of your employees.

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