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A good employee experience contributes to connection, engagement and increases productivity. One of the underlying factors of a worry free employee experience is a smooth running intranet. Using Plek's Social Intranet integrates all your communication channels for seamless interaction and collaboration.  Discover how Plek empowers teams everywhere, from the field to the office and beyond.


Engaged employees are more productive
A good intranet proves that things are right in an organization. It instills confidence, in the organization, in the vision and in the culture. Trust in the updates you get, the information you find, trust that something is done with your feedback. And trust is the basis for engagement and productivity.

Reach everyone with relevant information
Reach and connect everyone, however and wherever they work. On site, from your bed, in the factory, in the office, at home and on the road. Everyone chooses how and when they want to be connected. Through the desktop, through a mobile app and even within MS Teams. Everyone everywhere has instant access to each other and to all relevant updates and information.

Increase engagement with interaction
With Plek Social Intranet, you bring communication streams together so they reinforce each other. Spot supports most types of communication: top-down news reporting and mutual sharing with and from each other. Personalized for each employee and you know for sure that your messages will reach the recipients. 

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Have personal conversations
Use Plek to efficiently organize and automate various 'activities', combining individual efforts into a unified, personalized experience. Plan ahead with automated, step-by-step campaigns, feedback loops, discussions, and bite-sized learning sessions—all delivered promptly when needed. Explore a variety of activation programs in the Plek Store, ranging from employee onboarding to satisfaction surveys, tailored to meet your organization's specific needs.

03. NL Solutions - Social Intranet - Plek integreert naadloos en verhoogt de productiviteit

Complement to Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint
Our customers use Plek to make their employees' lives easier. With one simple application instead of many. People without a desk often don't even enter MS Teams: through Plek they find all the information they need. Made possible on a platform that even non-technical people can manage. Through our smart integrations, you have the best of both worlds. The standard capabilities of your office automation, within the smooth user experience of Plek.

Insight leads to action 
With Plek Social Intranet you can improve impact, reach and effectiveness with clear statistics & analytics. This gives you more control over communication, clear insight into the effectiveness of onboarding and data-driven insights from continuous dialogue and feedback. So you know what is going on so you can respond in a targeted way.
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