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Safety first

We maintain strict measures when it comes to information security because of our ISO certification. Corona recently tightened our own agreements regarding working from home. When it comes to online security, what should you pay attention to as an organisation and how - especially in these times - do you create awareness about it among your employees?

The power of repetition

Perhaps it's uncomfortable to hear, but human action is still the biggest factor in causing safety incidents. So for organizations, an important task is to make employees aware of possible risks. But how do you raise awareness?

Awareness and behavioral change only come about through repetition, so it is a matter of constantly bringing colleagues into contact with the subject. Pay a lot of attention to communication. Give people room to ask questions. Set up safety awareness programs, implement online checklists or set up a special helpline. Remember: only if you experience the consequences of the new measures yourself will they contribute to behavioral change!

Our house is now our office

An extra factor nowadays is that our home has now also become our office. So we have to be sensible with our new workspace. At Plek, that means: not leaving important confidential documents open, only printing if we can safely destroy documents with a paper shredder, and if we lose our computer, house keys or cell phone, we report it immediately to those involved! We also work as much as possible on our own laptops and do not share them with other family members. What about with you? Do other rules apply during this time when we work from home?

Overal online

An Internet connection is sacred right now, but is it secure too? Ever thought about how many people actually have access to your Wi-Fi information? Or how secure your password is? Make sure - especially for work purposes - that it is not set to default settings or that your password is visibly displayed on the router and, of course, always turn on your firewall! 

Conferencing online? We use Google Hangouts by default. Confidential information doesn't go over a video call and, of course, we're not going to just call outside so the neighbours can listen in. Have you made arrangements for this as well?

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