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Discover the new home office features of Plek!

It's time to evaluate, a good year after the first lockdown. In the vital sectors, they still work very hard to cure as many patients as possible; whereas the rest of Europe is stuck at home. But the home-working blues are gradually taking hold. That's why Plek now comes up with a package of new home-office features.

We understand you!

What do we miss most about the office? The bad jokes, the gossip and the sneaky flirting, of course. All those forwarded quarantine memes aren't half as much fun. That's why there's Snapplek: intranet messages that disappear by themselves after a day. You'll find them in your own personalised coffee corner in the right-hand sidebar!

Everything is relative

But let's face it: we don't get anything done at home, do we? And the shocking thing is: nobody seems to notice that. So what gives you satisfaction? Where do you get your self-esteem from? How do you still feel engaged? Especially for you, there is the Work Provider.

It sends you random messages to reply to, random group invitations, random documents to edit. All with automatically generated likes. Never an unproductive day again! As of today, we are automatically turning on these new home office features for all 250 organisations with their own Plek. Are you one of those many isolated, misunderstood and atoetic homeworkers who are desperate for Plek? Send Justus or Rik an e-mail.

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