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This is how you do optimal onboarding…

With labour shortages continuing in 2023, employee retention has become the new recruitment – whether it concerns old or new staff. An optimal onboarding of your precious new recruits will boost staff retention, while driving your new colleagues’ self-efficacy at the same time. In other words: instead of losing staff members, they stay with you and hit the ground running in their new position. This is what expedites the success of your new employees – and, thereby, that of your organisation. Because we all know that an engaged workforce makes for better results.

The more you meet individual expectations, the better the connection and engagement. With Plek Onboarding, you can monitor this throughout the onboarding process, while keeping check of the extent to which the new position and organisation meet the expectations of your new recruit. With these insights, you can plan timely and targeted interventions. And as a result, your new employees know that they are heard and feel acknowledged.


Grip on new employees

17% of all new recruits leave within the first three months – some are even gone within the first week! But with the right onboarding, it is 58% more likely that your new employee is still with your organisation after three years.

Proven onboarding templates

Plek offers proven templates for onboarding new recruits. The process starts before the first day with preboarding, and continues over their first weeks or months. By gradually introducing your employees to the new work environment, they find their feet rapidly. You provide a targeted, warm welcome. No overwhelm, but clear, actionable information that empowers them in their new position.

Our joint approach
Together with our partner for onboarding and change processes Frisse Blikken, Plek developed a joint approach that revolves around four principles: the 4 Cs.

Plek heeft recent samen met Frisse Blikken, onze partner op het gebied van onboarding en verandertrajecten, een gezamenlijke aanpak ontwikkeld voor de optimale onboarding waarin 4 basisprincipes, oftewel de 4C’s een centrale rol spelen.

4 principles for optimal onboarding



Our approach merges Plek's onboarding tools with the expertise from Frisse Blikken, giving your organisation real grip on the 4 Cs.

The two principles of Compliance and Clarification (let's call them the organisational onboarding) are gradually introduced through Plek's phased onboarding. Our onboarding programmes include programmes that are tailored to your organisation, but generic at role-level, like ‘10 Golden Rules for Working at [your organisation]’. At the same time, Plek also supports your organisation with protocols that are both organisation-specific and role-specific.

Crucially, Plek offers more. The Cs of Connection and Culture are there to support your organisational onboarding process with cultural onboarding. Our customers use Plek to measure these two Cs through continued, data-driven dialogues. With these frequent check-ins, organisations keep the finger on each employee's pulse.

Make an impact 
You can use the principles of Connection and Culture to make a real impact on your employees. As mentioned earlier, these programme pillars require a hybrid approach. While Plek supports the conversation with new recruits, Frisse Blikken focuses on the connection with the organisation, other colleagues and the shared culture. This can be done through a game with players living the core values of your organisation, an onboarding afternoon with bonding activities and more.

Frisse Blikken does what it does best: turning onboarding into an unforgettable experience. They don’t overwhelm new recruits with rules and comprehensive details about their role. Instead, they:
●     Create unforgettable experiences that drive engagement.
●     Use your organisation’s mission and vision to inspire and engage new employees, while challenging them to think about how they will contribute to these principles.
●     Craft a complete, holistic onboarding journey that features an appropriate narrative and a recognisable identity, with starters having a clear picture of their onboarding from day 1.

Continued onboarding
It's not just your new recruits who need onboarding. Existing staff have onboarding needs as well. For example, when your organisation introduces new work instructions or processes. That is why we talk of continued onboarding; a concept perfectly suited for, for example, an internal transfer, a reorganisation or the introduction of new guidelines. It also prevents management of duplicate content.

Are you curious about your possibilities?
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