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The success of RTMnet. 4 insights about the implementation

Did you miss Frankwatching's Digital Workspace Event? In this blog we list the most important insights from Rotterdam The Hague Airport for you.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport facilitates annually air traffic for around two million travelers, making it the third largest airport in the Netherlands. With permanent, but also many flexible employees, significant seasonal peaks and the arrival of corona, good internal communication turned out to be more important than ever for them last year. The solution was sought in RTMnet, a new internal communication platform with which the organization can reach and engage employees even better.

Raymond de Jong communication manager and spokesperson at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, shared his most important tips on the implementation of the new platform on 9 November, during the Digital Workspace Frankwatching event.

Did you miss the event? We list the most important insights from Raymond for you:

1. Looking for a new internal communication tool? Put it on top of the agenda!

In addition to support from your employees, you also need support from above. So make sure there is sufficient support from the board or management. According to Raymond, it was clear that a lot of knowledge and information was lost due to the lack of communication in their organization. The communication department wasn't as productive as they wanted to be, since communication channels were scattered. Finding support for that wasn't hard. And that proved to be of great help in the overall project, not only in terms of budget, but also in terms of freeing up manpower and time for this project.

2. Make your platform meaningful and the only go to channel for important news

Rotterdam The Hague Airport had an old platform. Everyone agreed that something different had to come. But what was the alternative? Make sure you know what you need and choose an alternative that fits. Also make sure that the content that you share on the platform is valuable. Otherwise people will drop out. At Rotterdam The Hague Airport, this concerns HR news that is shared company-wide, but also new protocols in times of corona or the right fun messages about the organization and the new employees in order to strengthen contact with each other.

3. Get your platform ready and full of content before you launch!

At the introduction, your platform should be rock solid. So make sure you have enough content at the start. Forerunners and ambassadors who have already worked on it can then inspire other people in the organization. The platform only works if people actually use it.

4. Last but not least. Experiment: just do it

We did this, for example, by creating all kinds of groups on our platform. Make sure people find each other there and dare to remove groups if there is no longer any interaction. Only together you can make your platform a success!

At Plek, we helped Rotterdam The Hague Airport with implementing their new platform. Curious about what we can do for you? Take a look at our demo for a good impression or contact on of our consultants for more information.

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