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Connect Plek with more than 750 apps via Zapier

Did you know that it's possible to link Plek with more than 750 other applications without technical knowledge? You can easily do this via Zapier. In this blog we show how it works and what the major benefit can be for your organizations or department.

About Zapier

Zapier is an online tool with which you can make integrations without programming knowledge with the systems that you often use in your current work. You can think of social media or CRM. Zapier saves you time and the big advantage is that you can simply automate repetitive tasks.

A few examples

Have you launched a cool campaign on social media and do you want to inform your colleagues about it? Zapier ensures that the LinkedIn post ends up directly in the right Plek group. Last minute work schedule changes? Zapier automatically pushes the new changes to the people who needs to know. Want to inform the field staff about the weather? This is possible with the weather app that ends up in Plek via Zapier.

Zapier can also play an important role in automating your CRM or handling complaints quickly and correctly in, for example, Topdesk. By uploading new leads into the correct lead list or automatically bringing major failure tickets to the attention of customer teams.

If you already know a lot about this subject, scroll down. Later in this article we will show how a number of the above workflows are set up for us.

How it works

If you want to connect Plek via Zapier, you need a Zapier account. Creating an account is free, so you can easily get started to try. The costs depend on how often the integration will be used per month. If you keep usage low, you pay nothing. If the integrations are a success and are used more often, then there are costs involved. Once you have an account, you can start creating zaps. Zaps are links that you configure between different applications. First, find the application you want to connect to. Then you choose which data you want to show when and where.

An example: Suppose you want to automatically share a newly created opportunity in your CRM in Plek with the entire sales team. You create a new ZAP and look up your CRM, in this example PipeDrive. There you select the correct 'trigger', in this case: a new opportunity has been created.

You will then be asked to link your Zapier account to your CRM account. After that it gets fun, because now you can start configuring the action. First you select the application where the announcement should appear (in this case it is Plek) and the action you want to perform. We are currently supporting the actions:

  • Post a message
  • Create a chat message
  • Create a page

You can then further configure the action. First you choose the group, then you fill in the message. You can type text, and of course use fields from Pipedrive, for example the name of the potential new customer.

After this it is a matter of saving and activating. From now on, a message will be sent to Plek for every new opportunity. This way everyone is automatically informed.

More complex zaps through the use of filters

The example above is quite simple, but you can make your workflow more complex. For example, a zap can consist of several steps or you can use filters. Examples we use include:

  • Someone leaves their name on our website with a request to get an online demo. Our customer team will immediately receive a push message within our own Plek environment.

  • If the status of an opportunity changes to 'won', the entire organization will receive a notification within Plek. In this way we also share successes outside the customer team.

  • When the status of a new customer goes to 'live', it is automatically celebrated with the entire team, via a nice enthusiastic message. In the same zap, our financial administration is asked in a separate step whether the invoicing has been set up.

  • At the beginning of the week, our entire customer team gets a summary of the activity on the helpdesk of the past week. How many tickets are still open? What was our average response time? How many tickets have we solved in 1 day? Are problem tickets still open, and if so, how many?

  • When an SSL certificate threatens to expire at one of our customers, our monitoring sends a push message to our customer team. They can inform the customer in good time that they need to renew their certificate.

Interested in our integration possibilities for your own Plek or do you want to know more about our latest integrations? Read more on our integration page or find us directly in the Zapier store. Other questions? Contact one of our consultants for more information.

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