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Onboarding #3: Official integration

In our previous blogs on onboarding we explained how a roadmap can help every new employee find their place in the organization (online and offline). In this third onboarding blog, we'll provide you with some practical tips that will help you make your onboarding process official and fully integrate it into your organization. Of course we'll also tell you how to use Plek social intranet for this.

Make it official, transparent and inclusive

The responsibility for the onboarding process usually lies with one department (usually HR). Make this official and ensure that the whole company knows about the existence of the onboarding process and its contact persons. Don't forget that you need input from all departments. Google is really good at this kind of team-level employee onboarding. After all, each department knows best what is required for a kickstart in the respective department. So make a clear plan containing everything new employees need to receive from you as a company and complete it with department-specific information. Include a schedule, and list who's responsible for which part of the plan.

Ensure that the whole company knows about the existence of the onboarding process and its contact persons.

Projectgroep ‘Onboarding’

It's super easy to get started on an onboarding plan on Plek. You probably already have a department group called 'HR'. Create a sub group 'Onboarding', make sure that members from outside the main group 'HR' are free to join this group, and make it an open group so that everyone on the platform can view the contents of the group. In this group, HR staff can discuss the onboarding process with each other and with others who show an interest, and they can use the group to save (and edit) any resulting documents per department. This way, the process becomes transparent and inclusive.

An integrated process

By standardizing your onboarding process and making specific people responsible for it, onboarding becomes an integrated process in organization. It may take some time and effort, but eventually every employee will know how to onboard new employees and how they can help improve the onboarding trajectory even more.

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