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Implementation can be learned

Implementing a social intranet. That can sometimes feel like a major project. But it doesn't need to be that way if you decide to do it in logical and small steps. And once the platform is in place, you often can't live without it. If you are at the start of such a project, read the blog below and find out how the Bibliotheek Rivierenland (library) went about it.
With twenty branches in eight municipalities and around 350 people (volunteers and paid employees) working together daily, the call for a central knowledge location proved to be great. Internal support, an important prerequisite for the successful rollout of a new intranet, was therefore already in place.

Self-managing project team

Instead of a static, pre-selected working group to lead the process, Bibliotheek Rivierenland opted for a project team formed by spontaneous applications. And that turned out to work well. Employees were quite self-managing as a result, and thanks to the different backgrounds, input was also much more diverse.

Start testing

The project members agreed easily on the design and content. The testing phase proved to be important. The project group was given two months to try out the platform. This made them feel extra responsible for the content. Also, project members automatically came into a natural ambassador role. And even better: After the official launch, this meant that other employees did not encounter an empty platform. Instead, a platform emerged filled with fun posts, interesting channels and up-to-date information.

Room for everyone

On the Bibliotheek Rivierenland platform, everyone is equal: volunteers and staff. Because of this accessible approach, valuable information channels quickly emerged. The average working day of an employee, for example. Or the group: "Biebjes and bapjes," a channel in which employees can share all kinds of fun (informal) things with each other.

And many new things have already emerged from this: writing talent that has suddenly become visible (in addition to reading, there is also a lot of writing!), musical expressions (a real intranet song and library choir) and new visual material such as, for example, the photo strips on health and safety issues.

We are of course eagerly awaiting the bundled intranet columns of Bibliotheek Rivierenland!

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