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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Once upon a time, this guy named Mark Zuckerberg visited the Plek demo and thought 'Hey, that's great stuff. We must have this!' He clicked around, viewed some documents in a project group and started chatting. And then he discovered a new functionality: the holiday snooze. A way to snooze your work for a while. That seemed like a great addition for WhatsApp. He chatted to his team: 'Please develop now'. His wife started to shout: 'Mark we are on holiday, put your phone away please'. 'Yes, honey, I'm working on it.' Could this have been the beginning of WhatsApp’s vacation mode ..?

It really is an awesome functionality: research shows that 46% of your colleagues no longer want to use WhatsApp for work. Could this vacation mode be the last resort for WhatsApp? After all, the app was heavily criticized lately for not being GDPR proof...

Why? Because sensitive business information is up for grabs: phone numbers, photos, documents - everything gets saved in your work group on WhatsApp. It is not safely stored in the cloud, it’s all over the place.

Organizations need to keep their information secured, and colleagues need a clear separation between work and private life. So will you follow our example too?

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