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A smoke-free UMCG

As of 1 January 2019, the UMCG (University Medical Center Groningen) will become a smoke-free environment. Because the subject of smoking' is quite sensitive, and because everyone has an opinion about it, it's important to first and foremost get some insight into what a smoke-free UMCG means - to all those involved. This is the responsibility of Toegepast Gezondheidsonderzoek (TGO) and Social Envoy. We offered them our platform Plek, to provide them with a way to talk to the UMCG's patients, visitors, employees, suppliers, students and residents of the neighborhood.

TGO and Social Envoy asked 370 participators of all those involved questions such as 'What does smoking mean to you?' and 'What is the UMCG's responsibility for future generations?'. The ensuing conversations gave TGO and Social Envoy a good grasp of the situation, the worries of those involved and the opportunities at hand. Moreover, the fact that the entire community was involved was greatly appreciated.

"It's great to experience how this way of discussing the issue helps to gain insights." UMCG employee.

Both proponents and opposites shared their experiences - with diverging views. All the input that was shared on Plek (anonymously) will be bundled in six stories. The next step is to think about how a smoke-free UMCG should look, based on the insights and emotions from the six stories. Together with all those involved, of course.

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