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A new platform for Bam-mam

Since the end of July, Bam-mam, the association that brings Single Mothers by Choice together, is already the fiftieth organisation active on a Plek community platform. The association's membership has been growing steadily for several years now and sought a new platform to replace mailing lists, Facebook and WhatsApp groups. The aim: bringing all activities under one umbrella. Privacy of their members was crucial in the choice of a new platform. In the end, Plek was chosen because of its focus on both privacy and user-friendliness.

Association-wide communication and groups

(Future) mothers contact each other on the community platform. They share experiences, ask questions and build friendships. Communication via Plek goes via general channels but also takes place in smaller groups. These groups are, for example, focused on the phase where members are in their trajectory towards conscious single motherhood from their place of residence. By creating events in the shared calendar, members can also plan to meet in person at national group meetings.

User-friendly, also for administrators

Bam-mam is already the fiftieth organisation that has opted for a community platform from Plek. It was vital for them to be able to communicate quickly via both computer and mobile app. In addition, privacy was an essential requirement. Users can respond to Plek without leaving their private details, and all photos or personal stories are stored securely on their server. The platform is user-friendly due to an easy onboarding that familiarises new members with all functions. Plek also offers valuable roles; administrators can set up questionnaires to gauge the users' mood. In addition, they can request statistics to be able to communicate in a more targeted way.

Succesfull usage figures

The go live of Bam-mam on Plek was a great success, within 48 hours almost 200 members already activated their accounts. Now, about two months after going live, 95% of the 'bammers' are active on Plek. The platform is well used. The average user is an active member of seven groups and has made 68 posts in those groups. Moreover, they also know where to find the 1-on-1 chat, 1500 chat messages have already been sent per person. This also happens via the mobile app, which is downloaded by 95% of the members. Numbers don't lie: Bam-mam is a beautiful community with a lot of activity.

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