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BranchePartners joins forces with Plek

BranchePartners and Plek have joined forces. Thanks to this unique cooperation, dealer associations have access to a safe, international and user-friendly community platform.

All on one Plek!

BranchePartners has been strengthening business associations, cooperatives and franchisees for more than ten years. They do this through a powerful network of specialists, but also by offering immediately applicable solutions. Although BranchePartners supports clients in all sorts of sectors, its specialism lies in helping car dealer associations.

BranchePartners has always been convinced that a business association community cannot do without a digital platform. After extensive research, Plek was chosen as their partner for the 'next step' in facilitating such a platform. BranchePlek is initially aimed at dealer associations, but will in the coming months also serve other associations within various other industries.

BranchePlek: the digital clubhouse for communities

The 'Clubhouse feeling' was central in creating BranchePlek. Comparisons are easily made; safely and openly discussing themes with members, but also easily finding rules and agreements. All based on a fast and easily accessible platform, accessible via every browser and with the BranchePlek app in your pocket.

"Great to always have information available through the mobile app. Handy and fast, so very efficient." Flip Janssen, Mercedes-Benz Dealer Association.

What do users think of BranchePlek?

In the past 6 months, 9 dealer associations in the Netherlands and even 2 European dealer associations joined. Together, they are active in 22 European countries. These are: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Sweden and Switzerland. Quite international!

Virtually all members are enthusiastic about the ease and clarity of the platform, according to a survey among the associations:

"With the app we stay quickly and easily informed! As many of the members' activities take place outside the office, the mobile app, in addition to the desktop version, is of great help." Jos Herwers, Hyundai Dealer Association.

"BranchePlek is an environment that reminds me of social media apps I use at home. This makes it feel very intuitive. All the information is clearly displayed and also easy to find. Responding to messages is also simple." Rebecca van Nieuwkerk, Mazda Dealer Association.

Employee App

Merging is an unstoppable development within car dealers, making internal business communication increasingly important. BranchePlek as an association solution and the intranet possibilities of Plek complement this perfectly and bring the 'world' of a dealer together in one platform.

Unique to BranchePlek: multi-memberships

What is unique about BranchePlek is that it is the first to have one central environment in which you can switch between various sector associations, without users having to log in again. This way, everyone is quickly informed of what is going on. This has many advantages; in the first six months after its introduction, BranchePlek has already become the platform for almost all large dealer associations in the Netherlands.

The choice for Plek

In addition to Indumij and Fource, BranchePartners is already the third organisation in the automotive industry to choose Plek. With big European car brands such as: Mercedes, Renault, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Kia, they represent a large part of the market. The fact that Plek updates on a monthly basis, is available on all devices and offers its own app in your own corporate identity, is highly appreciated by customers.

Interested in the possibilities? Please contact our sales consultant Michiel or click here to get your own BranchePlek.

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