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How to ensure an optimal employee experience with Microsoft 365

Creating a great employee experience is key to driving engagement and productivity in your organisation. And while MS 365 has many apps available to enhance productivity, it can be challenging to provide a seamless and user friendly experience that connects all the pieces. This is where Plek comes in. By complementing your existing Microsoft landscape with Plek, you can put people at the center and provide a clear focus, making it easy to use and manage.

Connect people that matter

Many organisations complement their Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint with Plek to make the lives of users easier, activate users with onboarding and the dialog manager, get deep insights with Smart Conversations, and provide easy access across borders. To connect people that matter around your employees. And to make daily work so much easier for team leads, HR and comms - and IT! Because Plek is easy to use and easy to manage.

Complement MS 365

You might be wondering why you need another platform or app when you already have MS 365 or SharePoint. The truth is, many organisations find that complementing their existing Microsoft suite with Plek provides a host of benefits, from making life easier for users to providing deep insights into conversations and providing easy access across borders. Here are just a few of the reasons to consider Plek:

  • Make the lives of users easier: Plek provides a focused experience in one easy-to-use app, making it easier for your employees to stay on top of what matters most.
  • Activate users with onboarding and the dialog manager: Plek's dialog manager allows you to provide great company and team onboarding, ensuring your employees are engaged and productive from day one.
  • Get deep insights with Smart Conversations: with Plek, you can gain valuable insights into conversations and the engagement level of your employees, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.
  • Provide easy access across borders: Plek connects people that matter around your employees, making it easy to communicate and collaborate with team members around the world.
  • Make daily work easier for team leads, HR, comms, and IT: with Plek, you can create a personalized experience that limits overload and provides clear structure and transparency.

Create the best end-to-end employee experience 

Putting the user at the center of everything you do is critical when it comes to creating a great employee experience. Plek enables you to provide a focused experience in one easy-to-use app, deliver great company and team onboarding with the dialog manager, create a personalized experience that limits overload, and provide clear structure and transparency with group types, simple hierarchy, inheriting rights, and secure platform-wide search.

For example, consider a store staff that checks product documents alongside their payslips and team updates in a branded app. With Plek, you can enable them to do this seamlessly and effortlessly, improving their overall experience and productivity.

Enable HR, Comms, IT, and Leadership to join forces 

One of the key benefits of Plek is that it enables HR, Comms, IT, and Leadership to work together seamlessly to create a great employee experience. By picking and choosing the missing elements in your employee experience, you can connect people involved around the missing bits and focus on adoption of one branded employee app instead of many functional apps. This makes the daily work of team leads, HR, comms, and IT much easier and ensures a cohesive employee experience across the organisation.

Microsoft 365 and Plek: the best of both worlds

Of course, you don't want to give up the benefits of your existing Microsoft landscape. The good news is that Plek and MS 365 work together seamlessly, providing the best of both worlds. With Plek, you can easily bring content from SharePoint to a branded app and have more control over content with bundled resources, taxonomy, and review processes. You can also provide easy and scoped access for people outside AD-domains, regardless of complex multi-tenant structures.

How to Integrate Plek with MS 365

Integrating Plek with MS 365 is easy and can be done securely via Microsoft 365's standard API. The integrations come in different flavors, ranging from collaborating on documents to full SharePoint integration. You can connect Plek groups to SharePoint sites. Search and filter documents on SharePoint from within Plek. You can access SharePoint documents from Plek for users without an MS 365 license which will be automatically archived to Sharepoint.

One of our consultants or partners would be happy to get in touch with you to discuss specific settings and possibilities. Just get in touch with us!

Here are just a few reasons why to connect Plek and MS 365:

  • Easy office collaboration: edit MS documents together with storage in Plek or Sharepoint, start a new MS document from Plek
  • Search documents in MS365 from within Plek
  • Reach non-desk employees without MS365 access from within Teams
  • Make Teams calls directly from a Plek profile
  • Easy access: single-sign-on and user provisioning using Azure, connect the Plek and MS 365 user management, 
  • Deploy Plek as a widget on SharePoint, as an app within the MS 365 App Store and as an Microsoft 365 integration using the mobile Plek app.

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