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7 benefits of onboarding on a digital platform

Did you know that with a lousy onboarding experience, you are twice as likely to risk new employees leaving your organization? A good onboarding program is, therefore, a must nowadays. But where do you start? And which method works best?

Onboarding specialist Jean in het Panhuis (works for National Health Care Institute, ABN Amro and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, gave a workshop about this during Hr Live , the largest trade fair for HR professionals. His conclusion? With your onboarding, you have to be where the employee reads his daily news and information: their social intranet. Why? We will list the benefits for you below:

  1. All your information is quickly available, and you have minor maintenance.
  2. It’s excellent reference work for the future!
  3. As a new employee, you immediately have all the information you need to become productive. In addition, it becomes easier to connect with colleagues and the organization quickly.
  4. By arranging the onboarding process on your intranet, you no longer need a separate onboarding app. As a result, it saves a lot in costs and content maintenance.
  5. Recruitment not only takes a lot of time but is also a costly affair. So go for continuous onboarding to reduce your outflow. Did you know that 58 per cent of employees are still with a company after three years if the onboarding is adequately arranged?
  6. Onboarding doesn’t stop after the first thirty days. Your employees can also use the platform to learn from each other.
  7. Finally: onboarding makes the social intranet even more relevant and ensures more connection and involvement. And that’s good for the adoption of the platform!

Curious about what such a digital onboarding looks like on your intranet?

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